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About our Nobel Laureates

I was born in 1951 in Kalgoorlie, a prosperous mining town 370 miles east of Perth, Western Australia. Kalgoorlie was a gold rush town which sprang up in the desert after the Irishman Paddy Hannan struck gold there in 1892.

At the time I was born...

I was born on the 11th of June 1937, in North Adelaide, South Australia, the first child of middle-class parents. I am a fifth generation South Australian. South Australia is a charming state, a little overfull of the fact that, along with Victoria, it was settled by free settlers from England, who took part in a land investment program...

Western Australia can proudly claim to be home to the breakthrough research that won the 2005 Noble Prize in Physiology and Medicine.

The Marshall and Warren story is now legend as generations of budding scientists learn how two Australians, one a 31 year old doctor and the other a 42 year old pathologist...

The Office of the Nobel Laureates
J. Robin Warren
Barry J. Marshall
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